Food, design and photography are three things that have always amazed and inspired me. I have seen my life constantly revolving around these, and now I have a chance to combine them into my own space, my foodarama. I always experimented with food, in mom’s kitchen, and photography, in my dad’s garden. I thank them for always encouraging me to be myself. 
           Being born and raised in Bangalore, South Indian food and culture is what I grew up loving! Some recipes here, are my signature creations. While many others, are recipes that have been refined and revised from the traditional Indian (North and South) cooking, to suit today's lifestyle.

 My Mom:
        Not so long ago, as a child, in mom’s kitchen, I remember beating the eggs for her numerous cakes. She'd come by now and then, and say "Not fluffy enough!" My sisters and I would sit for minutes at a time beating dozens of them, while mom would juggle lunch, and grease and flour the cake pans, sifting and measuring cake flour. 
       Even now, if you ask her a recipe, she says, “Watch and learn”. By the time you jot what she's added in the blender, for the curry, she is tending to the stir fry and she's chopping the onions for the curry at lightning speed. At the same time, somehow, she is washing dishes and clearing the sink, the pots are boiling, blenders are running, the aromas are truly intoxicating. And there you go, lost in her world, and you miss getting her recipe. We can’t laze and graze around her! She is good! My sisters and I, and all of the people who are blessed to eat her signature dishes will tell you, she is one amazing power woman, my mom.  

My Kids:
My two little boys..the apples of my eye, my life, my inspiration, my stressers and destressers, my hard to please food critics! They are to me - my reason to live, endure, thrive and get through the shittiest of situations. They are my passion and they help me persevere.      

My Camera and shoots:
          Just the most simple point and shoot Canon A620. I bought it 6 years ago, to help me capture the wonderful moments with my first newborn. Sad to say, it was dropped in the Thailand bay when we were on vacation. I cribbed about it for days, and months. Then hesitantly bought another point and shoot Canon SX30IS. Now it is working its wonder on my food. I really wish my place was brighter in the day. Being in Seattle, you can hate the rain, but cannot ignore it. It is very gloomy and dark and rains most of the time, or shall I say, once in three days?

So, come and enjoy myfoodarama. Inspire and encourage me. Feed my ego! If you have tried a recipe here, please be kind enough to leave a feedback or suggestion. Welcome to my abode! 

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